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L.R. of Manalapan, NJ
Amy, Brick NJ
Our 7 year old daughter has been working with Paint the Stars Art Therapy for the past few months. She has made wonderful progress with her eating issues as well as her anxiety. She feels extremely comfortable with Robyn and looks forward to her special time with her. Robyn incorporates art and creative activities to make our daughter express herself in other ways. Robyn has used edible art to work on our daughter's aversion to certain foods. She has tried many new foods since she began with Robyn. Her self-esteem has improved as well as her ability to communicate her feelings. We are very fortunate to have found Robyn and have the opportunity to work with her. She is available at any time we have questions.
PAINT THE STARS ART THERAPY takes special care to understand the unique needs of each child and adolescent that we work with.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
When originally thought about Robyn and our family's experience with her nothing came naturally. I am so glad I procrastinated as now I can truly write from the heart.

Last winter our present therapist suggested that my children speak to an art therapist as traditional talk therapy would only work but so much at their ages at the time (my daughter 10 and my son 5). Long story short Robyn was a random person that I happened to Google...this time my search truly paid off.

At the time I was amidst a terrible divorce and my soon to be ex-husband had gone missing in action but prior to leaving the home he behaved as if he only had one child, my son.

I was distraught with all that was going on in life at the time but only imagined how much worse it must have been through the eyes of a 10 year old. My daughter had a father she did not like and he, I guess, did not like her as never tried to speak with her, now her beloved grandmother diagnosed with cancer, left her struggled in school, her self esteem and confidence just did not exist.

I have to say 14 months later, after extensive work and support of our beloved Robyn, my daughter is now making the honor roll, scoring goals in lacrosse, was selected to have her art work published and she even auditioned to be in the community play. These major accomplishments not only have me glowing as a mother but would not have been possible without the incredible dedication of our incredible therapist.
Mother of 10 year old girl, Brick, NJ
I was concerned that my daughter was still struggling with issues related to the death of her dad on top of the usual growing up stuff. Robyn was able to address both these concerns in a fun and effective manner. My daughter felt comfortable opening up and never felt like she was in therapy. I was equally impressed with Robyn's true concern for her clients evidenced by her accessibility. When issues or concerns would come up, I could contact Robyn via email and get a response quickly instead of waiting until the next session. This was extremely helpful.
"Having Robyn is one of the greatest things in my life..."
18 year old college freshman 

Raising a teenager is no easy task. Enter any sort of emotional instability and there are no words to describe the pain and heartache that you feel. Of course we felt that no one would and or could understand our pain. Robyn did and does just that. She gets it, she's real, and she tells us we're doing okay. Sometimes parents just need to hear those simple words - "You are doing okay!" Our daughter is where she is today because of Robyn's support. We love her!

-A Supportive Family who loves their daughter unconditionally. 

Mother and Daughter, Manalapan, NJ
Mother of teen girl, Monroe, NJ
Going through a divorce, I knew that my daughter needed an outlet through which she could learn to handle the many emotions she was dealing with. It was especially important to find a therapist which my daughter would ultimately trust enough to confide in, as it was/is the only way for her to begin to heal, and learn to handle the turmoil that was to come. 

Somehow we hit the jackpot with Robyn. My daughter is typically very shy, and does not open up to anyone, especially regarding her relationship with her father. She’s been dealing with so many frightening emotions, and I felt helpless at times, and bound by the court to say very little to help her get through this situation. But from the beginning, my 13 year old connected with Robyn, and found in her an unbiased person she could share everything with. The best part is that Robyn makes it fun, if you can believe that. My daughter looks forward to every session with Robyn.

I understand this is a long road, and that there will be much more for my daughter to learn to deal with. But, I am 100% confident that with Robyn by her side, she will be just fine. As a mother, there is nothing more important in this world than my daughter. I would climb any mountain to ensure her stability, safety, and well-being. But with Robyn, the climb is over as I know with certainty that her emotional well-being is in the best of hands. Every child should have an advocate like Robyn in their life.
Zohar & Missy, parents of 16 year old girl
When our daughter asked to see a therapist we weren't sure where to go. We had many questions such as what kind of therapy will be best? Who can we trust? Is this what our daughter needs? How much would this cost? And many others. 

Today, a few years later, we cannot be happier with our choice to send our daughter to Paint the Stars Art Therapy. On multiple occasions 'Paint the Stars' helped her through difficult times. It made a real difference in her life and in ours. She is so successful today socially, academically and intellectually and we thank Robyn and the crew for being so nice, accommodating, clever and professional. We could not have asked for better treatment for our daughter. 
Parent of 11 year old girl
One particularly stressful, exhausting evening after I finally got my anxiety ridden daughter to bed, I decided to google “anxiety” in children. At one point, “Paint the Stars Art Therapy” came up and I checked out their website and sent an email. I was apprehensive about setting up therapy with someone who I found on the internet and who I didn’t know anything about, but Robyn wrote back within hours, answered all of my questions, and seemed very knowledgeable. My daughter had to agree to meet with her though, which was not easy since she had already met with a couple of other therapists that she just didn’t “click” with. First she asked how old Robyn was and what she looked like! I didn’t know what my daughter was looking for but luckily there was a picture of Robyn on her website. Well, she passed the picture test and my daughter was looking forward to her first visit. 

My daughter was comfortable with Robyn right away and after the first visit asked to extend her visits from 30 to 45 minutes so she could have more time to talk with Robyn and create art. Since meeting with Robyn my daughter’s anxiety has subsided substantially and she loves being able to talk with Robyn about anything going on in her life – the good things as well as the stressful times. It is so much easier for her to have the projects and art to facilitate their discussions instead of sitting across from a therapist and talking as adults do in therapy. As my daughter learned to deal with her anxiety we reduced her therapy to twice a month and now monthly as my daughter’s need for therapy has decreased. Robyn has always been very flexible with her appointments to accommodate our busy schedule and when my daughter requests my help in discussing some topics, Robyn has welcomed me into their therapy.  

My daughter and I have recommended “Paint the Stars Art Therapy” to friends and I am SO grateful to Robyn for her caring and skill as a therapist with my child and know she will be there as needed for my daughter as she navigates the pre-teen years.  
Very happy and less stressed parent